The Team at My Jewellery Designer will work to make your day even more special by designing and creating bespoke wedding jewellery just for you.

Out of Hours consultations for busy brides. I know you have so much to do organising your wedding, so did you realise you can have your consultation at a time to suit you. Just ring Diane on 07736 285041 to arrange.

Diane and the team are pleased to offer a bespoke design and making service for your jewellery for your special day. Each piece is made especially for you, it will fit you, compliment your dress, be comfortable to wear (with no prickly bits), and be made from beautiful materials.

We also offer a matching service for your bridesmaids, Mother of the bride and not forgetting Mother of the Groom.
We look at your dress or outfit; we consider the detail, the colour, and the fabric. We talk to you about your ideas and desires and gently guide you the best choice of design for you. We try different styles on you and determine exactly the right shape of jewellery, before involving you in the choice of Swarovski crystal, beads and gemstones that will make your jewellery both bespoke and unique.

Sensitive souls. I meet some of my Brides-to-be at wedding fairs, and one of the questions I am regularly asked is “Can you help me? I am allergic to nickel and am worried my jewellery will spoil my wedding” Rest assured, because at MyJewelleryDesigner we use sterling silver, gold and gold plated silver as standard. For you this means you will not be exposed to any nasty irritants and can wear the jewellery with confidence.

We can even include and disguise those old pearls from Aunty Ada, you know you should wear, but really would prefer not to. Diplomacy included at no extra cost.

Let us be your very own Bridal Jewellery Designers

Ring Diane and the team on 07736 285041, or for a friendly chat. bespoke bridal earrings venetian murano glass gold