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Pearl & Bead Reknotting and restringing.

Minor repairs, Bead & Pearl Necklace Restringing

Pearl restringing guide prices applicable to 2017

Using a 6mm pearl as a baseline, estimated costs to knot & restring are:
(Some are less and some are more but this will help with a basic cost)

• £8 minimum charge
• 10-14 pearls: £18 (large pearl (8-10mm) bracelets)
• 15 - 25 pearls: £19 (large pearl (8-10mm) bracelets)
• 26 - 40 pearls: £20 (most bracelets)
• 40 – 50 pearls £25 (16" large pearl choker length Necklaces)
• 50 - 70 pearls: £27 (16" choker length Necklaces)
• 71 - 80 pearls: £32 (18"- 20" Princess Necklaces)
• 81 - 100 pearls: £36 (22"- 24" Matinee Necklaces)
• 101 - 140 pearls: £44 (24" - 30" Opera Necklace)
• 141 - pearls plus: £POA

Double knotted necklaces charged at double.

• I do fresh water, gemstone beads & glass beads Tahitian and larger Akoya as well.
• Unknotted necklaces are approximately half the prices and may be threaded on either silk or the modern materials such as nylon, or nylon coated steel flex wire.

Restringing Larger (12mm plus) Manufactured Pearls or Gemstones

I can also do Majorica - Majorca - Mallorca and other synthetic pearls.

If pearls need to be drilled this will be need to be assessed on each job, as the quality of the pearl dictates the price.

For double or triple strands I will give you a quote based on the amount of pearls and whether you want nested or unnested or fully nested . I will need to estimate the price for these, but to give you an idea use the above prices and multiply by two or three.

All items are treated with the greatest of respect, a pearl necklace is valuable, and a necklace with memories is priceless.
References available on request.

Links of London Sweetie bracelet - small 80 rings, medium 90, large 100 rings. £10 restring.

Refurbishment guide prices :
CZ stones £4 each Replating £10 per clasp
Base metal clasp £6 each Sterling £14 Gold plated sterling £22
Work is guaranteed for 12 months *on a normal wear & tear basis.