The Silver Hare Rings

About the hare rings.
The Hare rings are a heavy silver ring with a copper hare detail priced at £165
Because the rings are substantial, people tend to wear a slightly larger size than usual and after trial and error I have found it best to fit the ring before I add the hare.
After talking to you, I send you a husk of hares (a husk being the collective name for a group of hares). This is usually five, and the ring’s new owner chooses the one they find most engaging.
Every hare is drawn and cut by hand by me in my studio (usually in an afternoon when the light is at its best). They all turn out differently each having its own character, sometimes they look athletic, sometimes dreamy or bumbling, or sometimes wild & free.

Inside the ring, away from public view, there is inscribed, “She ran free in the Moonlight” and perhaps I should explain it’s meaning.

We are all busy people; we have responsibilities with work & families. We do our chores, obey the laws of the land and complete out tax returns. We are compliant and well behaved, but on the inside where no one else can see, a little bit of us is always running free over the hills in the moonlight, and sometimes that is just enough.

If a hare ring is right for you, then please arrange a fitting with me.

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